It all boils down to this

Three years he waited, he waited for me, and as a goddamn welcome he challenges me into a Pokemon battle, challenge accepted. I feared for myself for I have seen what has happened over the past three years, all the legendary Pokemon were gone, I had a bad feeling he would use it in this battle, but no, I’m pretty sure he captured it all for they were all gone when I checked them, he is the only one capable of doing that, but he did not use those over-powered Pokemon, I was enthralled though not really much surprised that he had his starter Pokemon Pikachu, at the very highest level any opponent could have in the game at level 81, which was given to him by Professor Oak at level 5, then next he has a Venusaur at level 77 which of course the Bulbasaur he was given at Cerulean City at the day care when the nurse could’nt find a proper trainer to take care of it, then he has a Charizard, which was the Charmander that he was given by the boy who could not raise it properly found at the Nugget Bridge. The Blastiose was the same Squirtle Officer Jenny gave him that was causing mischief in Vermillion City and she wanted a good trainer to take care of it to set tit straight. And of course the infamous blocking Pokemon Snorlax, the only member of his team that he caught himself, he thought that it would be best for him to raise it rather than it to be blocking peoples path, lastly is the Espeon that was fully evolved when it was still the Eevee he got from The man who knows everything at Celedon City, also at the remake he has Lapras, which he obviously got from the guy at Silph Co. who said that he could raise it to it’s full potential, with that all said, I could finally sum up what I have learned from him, from Red, from his journey, and that is to put trust in your Pokemon, also to not forget the people who gave you their trust, do everything you can to it’s full potential, because those Pokemon weren’t caught by him, it was entrusted to him by those people, he promised to raise them well and take care of them, so he did, a man of his word although a man who does not speak, le strong silent type as said by the waiter in S.S. Anne, and that is what I’ve learned through the journey, Entrust and Perseverance. As for the battle at Mt. Silver I could not really recall, all I remembered was when I was their at the top battling it out with the strongest Trainer of them all the last thing I remembered was sitting inside the Pokemon Center.


“… …”

Sheer shivers, chills down my spine, the cold stare, no words were spoken, no words were needed, it was all making sense now, just like what I did in the original game, I trained my Pokemon to it’s very best, and then stopped playing it, this is why he must have been here waiting all this time for me, to see if I have gotten better in a form of a new person, well if I could insert a bad joke here I’d say I would never forget what he said to me that fateful day “… …” it’s so hard to comprehend, what was it’s meaning, what did he meant, I don’t know exactly but I’ll try, I think the reason why he did not speak are as follows; because in the original game when I played it in his shoes, he never spoke a word except in Saffron City where he was Mimicked by the Mimic girl for obvious reasons and of course when he was asked what his name was in the beginning of the game, and for all the other instances he only answered yes or no questions, and even let all his opponent talk smack before the beginning of the match, and the second reason in line with that one is because he never said a word the entire game, he only did actions, he just did what he should do, train, train harder, train some more until he became the Champion. And now he stood still up in the mountain, waiting for someone to look up to the challenge, waiting for someone who could give him a challenge, look closely at the picture, that was what is in my mind when I the battle ensued, he knew someone was there, he knew someone was brave and stupid enough to face him, after 3 years.

At the Summit of Mt. Silver

And so as I venture longer in the journey, I finally discovered the final dungeon of the game, located in Jotho but is visible in Kanto region, Mt. Silver, and of course as a kid I knew that final dungeons is where the final boss is, I was thinking it would be Mewtwo again just like he was on the original game. I entered the cave, it was dark, pitch-black, i had to use Flash to light up the interior, I searched the whole are for signs of life, a lot of cave dwellers, fucking zubats. But there was a charming little fellow called Larvitar that caught my attention, it was a rare find, I had to capture it to raise it well, and so I caught it, still breathing, still finding traces of legendary Pokemon, still searching for the games final boss, the games final challenge, surfed through the waters, climbed up the flow of the waterfall, then I entered a room, the land I was stepping on was golden sort of ironic how this was called the Mt. Silver and at its summit the soil was gold, shining it seems, I looked down at the edges, it was so deep, not a sign of and end to the darkness of it. I walked on through, along the steep edges of the mount, hoping when I reach it In would find myself a new legendary Pokemon to catch, but beyond my disbelief, all I saw standing at the end of summit, was a kid, a kid a tad bit older than I am, he looks just like me, he seems lost, wandering around this dangerous cave, I talked to him and I would never ever ever ever forget his words “…” those ellipses, he never spoke a word and then the battle sound and visuals ensued, I thought this one is kind of odd, a trainer for the games last boss, then his silhouette slides across the screen, I saw his stance, dressed in a red jacket, and a red cap that blocks his face, I was in shock, I had an idea of who he was, I thought it was a bad joke, I think it’s him, but I had to make sure, it showed in his pocket that he has also six Pokemon, this battle is no joke, then he sent out an awfully familiar Pokemon, I looked at it’s level, it was 81, I then knew in the deepest part of my being that it is him, the man I’ve been looking for all this time, 3 years in the making, all this time, was waiting for me at the top of the mountain, got chills when I knew that I just got challenged by myself from 3 years ago, the same kid I was controlling in the original game is here now as the games final boss, what am I suppose to do? I miss this guy, I wanted to play as him again but this time around he is here to duel, I accept the challenge, and also without words I sent out my strongest Pokemon, a level 70 Typloshion. It is about to begin, Gold vs Red, Myself vs Myself 3 years ago, who will draw first blood? The decisive battle at the summit of Mt. Silver begins.

“Even as a child, I knew one day I would miss being a child.”

The Title is a quote from J.M. Brewster

After purchasing the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Silver, with new mascots in the cover Ho-oh for Pokemon Gold and Lugia for Pokemon Silver respectively, I did not know that the playable character is still the same one I had in my previous game Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, they both looked the same, lived in a fairly similar small and humble town, has a room at the second floor with a game console in it, had a PC, had a mom that would support them in the journey, all the while I really thought that it was the same boy that I am portraying but I somehow got it in my tender mind that it was not, somehow. When I exited the house it was not Pallet Town that I discovered, nor it was not Professor Oak who gave me my starter Pokemon neither did I have had the same rival, somehow I knew that this time it’s different, but I was not afraid of change, but still hesitant in decisions, well specifically when picking a starter for the game, I said to myself, who to choose, Charmander Bulbasaur or Squirtle? But I was in deep shock when I saw the new Pokemon, really different from what I know, still I had to pick and it was a fairly easy decision this time around, I picked Cyndaquil as my starter, unlike in the previous generation where I had to buy all the games to have all the starters, but the fact i like the most about it is that it did not denied the old generations original Pokemon, first time I walked in the grass I encountered an old devil, a level 4 Pidgey. I then knew that somehow this will be the same, and different at the same time, all I had on my way was my starter, blazing and burning all opponents along the way, after collecting all the badges, and returning to the hometown, just surf across the water to the east is the way to Kanto, the first games’ region, I was never been enthralled and excited my entire life, and even as a child, I was so happy to visit my childhood. I saw it with my own eyes, how things have change since three years have past, S.S. Anne still hasn’t returned, Machop still stomping the ground flat at Vermillion City, Safari Zone in renovation, Cerulean Cave closed off, Koga now an Elite Four, Blue now the Viridian City Gym Leader, only two people who are missing, Giovanni, the Leader of the Team Rocket, and of course Red the original protagonist of the game, still wonder what happened to those to when I was still playing the game, I presume that they were in a duel somewhere like they always have, but the fact that bothered me the most was why is there only one Snorlax blocking off the road? Why is there no Articuno in Seafon Islands? Where is Zapdos he’s not in the Power Plant? Why is Moltres not in the Victory Road, Why is the Cerulean Cave entrance closed? Where is the games most powerful Pokemon Mewtwo? I had a bad feeling about it, where are these Pokemon? But then it hit me, along my game play in the previous generation, I have captured every legendary Pokemon, I had a feeling though still not sure that Red has captured or defeated those legendary Pokemon, little did I know we would battle it out face to face at the summit of Mt. Silver.

My 6-year-old self inspired me to play Pokemon

The very first time I held it in my hands, I never really knew that it would mean so much to me, would define my childhood and my class’ generation if I may, Professor Oak, the old devil, he introduced the world of Pokemon to most of us who held the game. Asks you your name, then randomly forgets his own grandsons name and asks you as well, and now in early generations he even asks if your a boy or a girl which stirred a lot of humor among fans. Arguably the best game is Pokemon Yellow which gives you all the starters Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander respectively which strongly resembles the anime, and is reflected onto the next game Pokemon Gold and Silver, where you play as a new character then after a few twists and turns among the plot you’ll find yourself on a mountain that would serve as the games final dungeon, and of course final dungeons has the final boss, but when you reach the summit, you’ll just see a normal kid, waiting silently, a kid who looks just like you, somehow looks awfully familiar, he sends nothing but a cold glance, not a word spoken, then sends out his level 81 Pikachu and completely schools you, you just then realize that you are battling yourself from four years ago. when I knew this I was so much in shock I could not believe that it was happening, a battle with your self, a battle with your past self. The nastiest surprise of my life was when I entered the mountain and fought myself.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Huzzah, At last! Finally we reach the top spot for Comic Book Heroes, what have you learned so far from the, not just superpowers but a lot to be learned from every turn of a page of their comic book, from every scene from their cartoons, that they all have to lay something on the line just for the sake of others, and that is why most of the time they wear mask to conceal their true identity, to protect the ones they love because that is what they lay on the line. For the greater good they fight evil, even without compensation, and with fighting evil there must come a core or a source of strength and with great power, there must also come great responsibility as he’s Uncle told him..

Number One

“Spider-Man” real name “Peter Parker”. Your Friendly Neighborhood. Spider-Man is easily the best character and most successful franchise that Marvel Comics ever created. Every kid knows him and owns a costume, everyone know his web shot hand sign, everyone is Spider-Man. His abilities includes strength proportionate to that of a spider, meaning with his size his punches would hit like a that of a giant spider or in other terms fatal, contrary to the belief that he’s punches are weak as a bug. He also has his superhuman reflexes that allows him to out-speed his opponent and use it as a technique to defeat them, and superhuman endurance although sub-par to most of the superheroes, also the most coveted ability of Spider-Man, his ability to shot webs and cling to walls, and last but not the least, his Precognitive sense that saved hi a lot of times, “Spider-Sense”, able to react and dodge any harm from his hind or peripheral that makes such a huge asset to him. It’s no secret to us all that he was just a simple boy before he became Spider-Man, he was bitten by a radioactive spider that caused mutation and hence he gained the abilities he has. But the fact that I like most about Spider-Man is that he is still the simple boy he was even before he had his superpowers, he had a choice to use his Spider abilities for his advantage but chose not to, instead he fights crime even still when the publication┬áDaily Bugle bastardizes his image (although Peter gets a few bucks from easily posing in his costume and submitting it to J. J.) he also goes through the whole ordeal of being a simple person not unlike most of superheroes, much like you and me he still washes his costume, he struggles to pay the rent for his apartment, he get’s bullied at school, he goes through all the trouble despite the fact that he is Spider-Man, but he chooses not to, he even had a choice to embrace greed, gluttony and power when the alien specie Symbiote bonded with him, he could have easily became stronger he chose not to because of the repercussions. This are just some of the things that I’ve learned from him, that he is just like us, that we are just like him, simple in a way, that we all have a choice, and it’s up to us as to what choice we make.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Last two, unveiling the most prestige and illustrious comic book superheroes of all time. Finally the list closes down and all truth is revealed on how I come to realize the value of superheroes, a deeper materialization on how they inspired me in a way, that came to be embedded deep within my mind, now down to Number Two..

Number Two

“Wolverine” real name “James Howlett” also known as “Logan” and the famous moniker “Weapon X”. The Best known member of the X-Men. Known as the man of mystery where his own past is a secret to him, As a child he was frail and soft up until the fateful night where their housekeeper shot his father in cold blood and in turn his mutation started to manifest, his claws retracted from his fist and in violent reaction killed the housekeeper, the day after he completely forgot about what happened and this is due top the fact that his regenerative healing factor mutation is manifesting and it is cleaning and easing away the traumatic pain in his brain. After the years he was a subject to a the Weapon X program and his bones were coated with adamantium, and he was known as “Weapon X”. His abilities are his enhanced senses, that of a Wolverine, enhanced sense of smell, hearing. 12 inch retractable adamantium claws from each hand, and his regenerative healing factor. Wolverine was always my favorite X-Men, and superhero for that matter he could have easily made number one on my list but I had to pick, nonetheless his rude attitude and rash nature reflects that of mine, but it’s a secret of his that he has a soft spot for women, he stands as a father figure to young women. And the matter that I like most about his abilities is that he is nearly and virtually indestructible no one can harm him, although his past was painful, and I would like to have that ability nearly invulnerable, couple of wounds won’t pose a threat, and also the ability to heal, heal the past, if even in my mind.