One more day, Three more years

To 2015,

If I can’t have the DeLorean Time Machine at least give me a Hoverboard.

And yes, pink would rock.

-Jared JcFly (Jared J. Fox)


Merry Christmas

I found myself smiling this Christmas, it was magic, I found Christmas again. I thought it was gone but it was there, and for the longest time in my life I felt happy, not just having fun or anything, but happy. Christmas will always be special and with a bit of luck it will be magical. Thank You Jesus and Happy Birthday, I owe you a lot Big Bro.

Merry Christmas to you all and in the words of Tiny Tim, God bless Us Every One.

And another thing, I got this Christmas Eve prank I’d like to share:

Scenario: “Bisperas ng Pasko”

*:Kamusta Pasko mo?

^:Ok naman, ikaw kamusta Pasko mo?

*:Bukas ko pa malalaman eh.


Merry Christmas?

Just one more wink, and it’s the eve of Christmas, and yes my dear Watson you guessed correctly that in another wink after that it is Christmas. But it doesn’t really feel like Christmas to me, do not get me wrong this is my most celebrated, anticipated time of the year, hell I even change the code names that I use into “Santa Close” in homage to Santa Claus, even customized a shirt for crying out loud. But I two more days and I still don’t feel it, maybe it’s because of loose bonds, loose ties from very close friends, we use to hang around a lot during this time of the year, trolling around the municipality of Pateros, attending “Simbang GaBABES” (get it?) at 4 o’clock in the morning, or maybe it’s because of the decreasing numbers of carolers in our part of town and even in your part of town I bet, back in the day as early as the first week of December you’d hear them sing but now it’s really scarce, or maybe it’s because of the weather? Usually when it’s the Christmas season you will feel a certain chill in the atmosphere specially when you wake up very early and ride a bike really fast (I miss this), but this one is odd, very gloomy skies, I miss azure skies, not these skies of pain, not to mention the catastrophe that had happen because of a typhoon, well maybe it’s really because of adulthood, knowing that this is all temporary, the vacation, polite fake smiles, the abundance of food, and in about a week or so (New Year), after you say to yourself “This is a new start of a new me blah blah..” you will find yourselves back to your meaningless lives, having found the same old fears. I find it odd back in the Christmas break of 2008 my Literature Professor asked the class how we were and he said “Were you happy this Christmas? You tried to be, but you weren’t” he said it with pure honesty that he was so sure of it. He was addressing the class, but in that moment I felt that he was only talking to me.

A tad bit ironic is that I’m listening to my favorite DJ on air as I write this down, and a couple of Christmases back maybe it was 2007 or 2008, he was really lecturing he listeners about what Christmas is suppose to be, what it’s all about, and what he spew out that night was meaningful, not the cliche that we hear every year, he really made a lot of sense, and if I must sum it up in one word he told us listeners to reflect. But then now as I listen again on his program in this time again of the year I hear him really jolly because they’re having a Christmas Party at the same time as he’s having the program, very contradicting to what he was a few Christmases back, but nevertheless before ending his program he made a short message as to what Christmas is, although not of the magnitude of what he did from back then. I just liked him better that Christmas of 2007 or 2008 because after the dramatic speech he greeted us Merry Christmas and played my favorite Christmas song, “Enter Sandman”.

The Matrix

Back in 1999 I wasn’t able to get the chance to watch one of the most promising films that would later define the visual, texture and design of the films of the next generation; I’m talking about The Matrix. As I try to recall I don’t really remember why I wasn’t able to watch it, maybe I was too busy playing Pokemon at the time, maybe I was too busy at grade school playing Pokemon at the time, I don’t know, all I can come up with, even though I didn’t watch the film back then, is the infamous scene “Bullet Time” where it was popularly known to be the most influential scene in the movie.

Now the movie, The Matrix, wherein Keanu Reeves became a household name, wherein scenes like the “Construction” wherein Morpheus explains to Neo what is reality and what is the Matrix, with the setting of a plain white background depicting the void, two comfortable chairs, and a 1970’s television set that showed “reality”. The scene where Neo gets shot by the agent and he touches his chest to check if it’s real, if he’s bleeding and connected to that the “Deus ex Machina” kiss of Trinity to revive Neo and scoop the agents to kingdom come, also the greater known scene the “Bullet Time” where Neo would dodge incoming bullets by suspending his body in thin air with his feet planted on the ground would later be immortalized forever embedded in the minds of viewers. The film is basically about finding the truth behind what you perceive is the “truth”. Neo took a leap of faith to find out about that truth when he joined Morpheus, that all he knows is not real; it’s all called the Matrix.

Now as I watch the film a couple of other films came to mind, mainly because of it’s design and structure, the narrative and delivery, a couple of allusions I would like to stress out now these films may have came out before or after its time; Number One, “Alice in Wonderland”, now I know this is a fairytale and all but the scene where Morpheus gives Neo the blue and red pill was exactly the same in the film, not to mention that he stresses if he takes the red pill, he will show him how far the rabbit hole goes, and on a side note, I’d take the red pill, red pill any day. Two, “Nightmare in Elm Street”, now mainly because when they enter the Matrix and they die, they die for real, as said by Freddy Krueger. Three and Four, “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind” and “Inception”, the idea of being in a resting position in the real world and entering the subconscious mind basically reminds me of these films, wherein you basically lie down and let your brain do the action, mind games. Five and Six, “Terminator” and “Akira” cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic and artificial intelligence, war machines trying to eradicated humanity from the surface of the earth, definitely reminds me of those classics. Lastly, and I have to squeeze this one in, “Resident Evil”, mainly because the agents looked a lot like Albert Wesker with the coats and shades and all.

The past decade owed a lot to this film the Matrix, for it was mind blowing, ground breaking and it paved way to the cinematic progressions we see on our screens today. Quite honestly seeing this film now really not made me feel like it was filmed twelve years ago, the cinematic transgression was so advance for it’s time. On an endnote I found myself sitting through the credits headbanging to Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up”. 

 Now then, were you reading this blog or are looking at that woman in the red dress?