Top Ten Songs of The 90’s

Endless, this post just won’t stop and give up, it’s just endless, and I wish it was, I wish the 90’s was endless or spanned for like 60 years but sadly it all had to halt at 1999, are you still with me, can you follow? I wish you read the posts in reverse so that you’ll be able to get the meaning of these lists, bear with me we are almost there, halfway through the list and now at number four.

Number Four

“Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead, released in May of 1995 from the album “The Bends” a very simple but nifty studio album name in my opinion. The songs structure is very plain and very complex at the same time, it uses the very basics of guitar chords, you would not even move your fingers out of the first to third fret if you’d play the song, what makes it so complex is the timing of sustains that it requires to get the little musical details of the song, and mind you these small things mean a lot in music, even pauses and breaks, that’s where you’ll realize that it was magical. Few favorite lines from the song; “He used to do surgery, for girls of the eighties, but gravity always wins” well, gravity always wins girls, and one of the most endearing phrase ever written in a song, “She looks like the real thing, She tastes like the real thing, my fake plastic love” never have I heard of such heartbreak in three phrases perfectly put up together. Love will always hurt, may it be real or fake but we are just there to take it as it is “If I could just turn, and run, but it wears me out, it wears her out”.

Number Three

“Soul to Squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, released on August of 1993 a b-side to two other RCHP hits namely “Give it Away” and “Under the Bridge”. The songs musical structure composes of a F Major key, a staple to a lot of RHCP songs and most definitely the most suitable key for their frontman Anthony Kiedis. The song is just a lyrical and musical masterpiece that everytime I listen to it, it takes away my worries. “Your so polite indeed, well I got everything I need, Oh make my days a breeze, and take away my self destruction” the lines meaning differs from person to person but for me, it reminds me of vacation, free of all worries and away from self destruction, and of course the lines from the chorus “Where I go I just don’t know, I got to got to gotta take it slow, and If I find my peace of mind, I’m gonna keep it ’til the end of time” very uplifting words, free spirited lines about life, truly that is how I see life, there is no certainty, you just have to live it, the way you want it.


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