Social Media for Social Change

Rappler the mastermind of the talk had the right idea to influence young and active audiences of social media and social network websites to part take in responsible feeding of social and political information via the use of technology and the internet. It is no secret that todays society has been improving in terms of technology and it’s uses, and it’s only right to use it to make the world a proper place, say for example using it as a medium to share vital information about important topics and discussions in todays society, and this has an advantage to all of us, for all we know the information that the News we hear are filtered and not all information are stated, or worse we are being manipulated by the press and we are being fed with ill, untruthful and malicious information by the use of their media. It’s also no secret that traditional media is slowly dying, seldom do we read newspapers for news, hell we’re lucky to even smell fresh newspapers, that’s because we use the internet for news and information and this way we could also share our views, what we see in our society and in that way we can start and help each other in enlightening the bleak and vague situation of our country, of course and I quote from my favorite comics, cartoon and franchise “Spider-Man”; “With great power comes great responsibility” (also attributed to Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee), hence with the powerful tool such as the internet users should be mature and responsible enough to grasp it, thinking before clicking, avoid spamming and flaming, but only sharing truthful facts, opinions and intellectual conversations. No one is safe, no one can play safe, although some might just take a backseat and watch things as they happen, well that’s their choice and I for one cannot discard that option, I have also done that in the past, still not sure whether it was the right decision though, everyone can voice out their opinions for it is a democratic country we live in, although we could not help but think that there are eyes lurking around us watching what we do, hearing what we say, but despite of this we need to tell the truth, and as cliche as it may sound the truth shall set us free, free from the shackles of the you know who and you know what. Rappler gave us the Pros and Cons of the new social media, the Pros is we are engaged as users, we are one although might not be the same, we are well informed, we are updated, we are highly advanced in technology, the Cons are addiction, loss of a well versed reality if internet use is not exercised properly, but these few repercussions could be easily avoided by time management and self discipline and I admire Rappler by giving us social media users a heads up on how top be a responsible user. We are all responsible for our actions so we need to think critically as mature users of social media.


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