Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Proceeding with the countdown of the Top ten Comic Book Heroes that I admired, whose powers I wish was granted to me. I really wish for one day I could have the abilities of the heroes and try to save us from the bad guys, need to watch more T.V. Following at number nine.

Number Nine

“Flash” real name Barry Allen, the second incarnation from DC Comics. The comic relief of the Justice League, I always like the suit, reminiscent of that of Mercury or Hermes if I’m not mistaken, which justifies his abilities, Super Human Speed, able to travel in the speed of light, no, not that, it’s able to run faster than the speed of light, just imagine if you had that power, no more time wasted, all chores done in a jiffy, I’m not gonna be stuck in traffic listening to terrible music. He also has the power to think fast in situations, every fiber of his being moving like a Flash, if you had that then do I really need to explain to you what’s the benefits? or did you figure that out yourself? And lastly, he can fucking travel through time, yes Marty, Time travel, he can time travel, the most coveted ability of all time, of course by running faster than the speed of light he can rip through the time fabric, the space time continuum, wormholes call it whatever you want, he just travel back in time, went to the future, went back to the present, holy cuntnuggets those abilities are top-notch and The Flash will forever remain one of my favorite Super Heroes of all time.


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