Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

In the 90’s it was the cartoons, In the 2000’s it was the movies, now we jot down the Top Ten Comic Book Heroes that I wish I was, the men that motivates me in trying to be a better person, as I always say, “I’m still trying to be the man I want to be by watching lots and lots of T.V.” I used to collect all action figures when I was a kid, play all day and get tired of playing them, and then play them again at night, reliving all scenarios from the cartoons and trying to apply it in real life, but apparently I don’t have superpowers, I don’t have adamantium claws, I don’t have telekinesis, I cant fly, I don’t have spider powers, I cant punch and break walls, and the thing I’m most envious and furious about is that I don’t have a batmobile. Now proceed to listing down the Top Ten Comic Book Heroes and at number ten.

Number Ten

“The Human Torch” real name Johnny Storm, from one of the greatest team made by Marvel Comics “The Fantastic Four” he has a great arsenal set of tools at his hands, flight who doesn’t wan to fly? Pyrokinesis the ability to control fire at will, he can even envelop his whole body in flames without harming himself, fire has been an element in many fictional stories and literature but no one displays it like the Human Torch does, plus the fact that he is rash, always in conclusion never really completely understanding the situation before making judgement makes he and I alike, thanks to Reed Richards he always end up saving the mess Johnny Storm does, and out of the Fantastic Four his power is what I like the most, Flame On! Johnny Storm.


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