Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

This next hero isn’t particularly that so vivid of my childhood memory, not sure. I don’t think I really saw him until recently from other media, but the moment I saw what he was capable of, I said this dude is badass. Following at number eight.

Number Eight

“Silver Surfer” real name Norrin Radd, the most coveted Herald of The Planet Eater, The Devourer of Worlds Galactus. A space explorer that was granted a portion of the Power Cosmic but in return he must serve under Galactus and roam the universe for planets for him to drain the life source out of. His abilities made him godlike when he first visited earth, all his attributes are almost at a maximum point, strength, speed, intelligence, endurance and stamina. The Power Cosmic granted him the power to control cellular structure of his targets kind of like alchemy, transmutation, converting matters into energy, a vast array of abilities including time travel and superhuman speed, his body structure virtually indestructible much like that of his surf board he uses to travel through space. But with all those powers said what I liked most about him is his humility even when he has godlike abilities which most of us should learn a thing or two.


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