Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Reliving the 90’s era again, of course it was released early on the 80’s or maybe a tad bit earlier than that but nonetheless I first learned of the X-Men off of the cartoon adaptation from the 1990’s, he one of the most prominent icons that was embedded in the corner of my mind, the one the only…

Number Seven

“Gambit” real name Remy LeBeau, a member of the team of the X-Men and a member of the academy of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, talented in unarmed combat or hand-to-hand combat also with his Bo staff he could be virtually untouchable with his high expertise of the weapon, but the thing that really attracts me to this character is that he has trick card ability, card throwing and making ti explode on contact, actually it is kinetic energy that stores in his hands and can be transfer to any matter he touches, his weapon of choice is playing cards, 52-pick up. The Prince of Thieves is a skilled card thrower and if the piercing effect does not finish the job, boom the explosion of the kinetic energy follows. Energy plus Physical abilities at your expense, what more do you need, charm? well he has that to. Can even charm malignant male demonic creatures pretty useful take that Emma Frost. Gambit has always been a favorite of mine specially on the team of mutants on the X-Men, I always try to be as skillful as he was in every aspect of my life.


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