Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Deadpool: How ya’ doin’ feebs? Me: Wade this isn’t the time for breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool: Relax man, this is the time for me right, right? Top Comic Book Provocateur right here. Me: Well I am about to give you an expository for this list I have and congratulations Deadpool you are my top five most favorite Comic Book Hero of all time. Deadpool: What?!! Fifth on the list??!! What the fuck man??! Me: Relax Wade, were both born on February 1991 were pals, were brothers. Deadpool: Hhmmphh fine then, well who’s number one? Me: I can’t spoil it Wade sorry. Deadpool: C’mon be a pal, how about a clue? Me: Uhhh okay, your picture.

Number Five

“Deadpool” real name Wade Wilson, “The Merc with a Mouth” the most funniest son of a bitch that I ever knew my entire life. Has the regenerative healing factor same as “Wolverine” well that’s because it was implanted to him from Logan. An expert swordsman with his katanas and expert marksman with his sub-machine guns, he is immune to telepathy due to his unstable mental condition and his ability the “inability to die”. But the most staple trait of Deadpool is his “comic awareness” he knows that he is a comic book character, talking straight out of the comic to the reader, and not to mention a lot of his wisecracks, here are some of the best lines Deadpool ever said, “Welcome to Loserville. Population: You.” “EVERYBODY! Shield me with your bodies!” “Whatever happens, remember to protect me.” “Magneto! Welcome to die!” “I just beat Mag-Freakin-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?” “HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT TAKING MY PORN!!!” “I play a pretty mean bagpipe” “I’m not angry at everything about the world, just every show they’ve put on after F.R.I.E.N.D.S” “I saw what you did to those cherry blossoms! Now your really gonna get it. ” “You’re laughing with your eyes! I can see it!” Deadpool will be always a favorite pick of mine, any day.


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