Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Top Three, finally the list coming to a close with the final slots being filled in, last call for the best superheros of all time, and the next one is my personal favorite, and even though having real no superpower he will always be a favorite of mine and always be my idol, my hero, Number Three..

Number Three

“Batman” real name “Bruce Wayne” also known to many as the “Caped Crusader”, and the “Dark Knight”. Traumatized as a child having been seeing his parents murdered by muggers he then took his family’s fortune to make a wide and top notch gadgets and technology to have a one-man duel with crime in Gotham City. Even though he has really no superhuman capabilities or superpowers he is still one of the most idolized and recognized superhero of all time arguably in rank of that of Superman’s. He has peak human physical condition and mental condition and having said that he is a master martial artist and strategist, of course his well-versed and vast array of high-tech equipment, weapons and gadgets, his high level of stealth and escapism that allows him to enter the area, snatch the candy, and then exit without notice or trace. He also enters the scene at the very convenient of times, during the night of course crime is a lot likely to happen at night. Also a matter that I will never forget about my childhood is that I always wanted to become as strong and as respected as Batman, I remember my lunchbox being of his design, a VHS tape re-winder that is styled and modeled after the “Bat mobile”, and of course my very own “Bat suit” that I always wear whenever someone is in need. Batman showed us that even in the darkest of the night there will be a knight that will vanquish evil one way or the other, and I learned through him that you don’t really need superpowers in order to make a difference just determination, motivation and discipline would be enough for one to be a hero.


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