Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Huzzah, At last! Finally we reach the top spot for Comic Book Heroes, what have you learned so far from the, not just superpowers but a lot to be learned from every turn of a page of their comic book, from every scene from their cartoons, that they all have to lay something on the line just for the sake of others, and that is why most of the time they wear mask to conceal their true identity, to protect the ones they love because that is what they lay on the line. For the greater good they fight evil, even without compensation, and with fighting evil there must come a core or a source of strength and with great power, there must also come great responsibility as he’s Uncle told him..

Number One

“Spider-Man” real name “Peter Parker”. Your Friendly Neighborhood. Spider-Man is easily the best character and most successful franchise that Marvel Comics ever created. Every kid knows him and owns a costume, everyone know his web shot hand sign, everyone is Spider-Man. His abilities includes strength proportionate to that of a spider, meaning with his size his punches would hit like a that of a giant spider or in other terms fatal, contrary to the belief that he’s punches are weak as a bug. He also has his superhuman reflexes that allows him to out-speed his opponent and use it as a technique to defeat them, and superhuman endurance although sub-par to most of the superheroes, also the most coveted ability of Spider-Man, his ability to shot webs and cling to walls, and last but not the least, his Precognitive sense that saved hi a lot of times, “Spider-Sense”, able to react and dodge any harm from his hind or peripheral that makes such a huge asset to him. It’s no secret to us all that he was just a simple boy before he became Spider-Man, he was bitten by a radioactive spider that caused mutation and hence he gained the abilities he has. But the fact that I like most about Spider-Man is that he is still the simple boy he was even before he had his superpowers, he had a choice to use his Spider abilities for his advantage but chose not to, instead he fights crime even still when the publication¬†Daily Bugle bastardizes his image (although Peter gets a few bucks from easily posing in his costume and submitting it to J. J.) he also goes through the whole ordeal of being a simple person not unlike most of superheroes, much like you and me he still washes his costume, he struggles to pay the rent for his apartment, he get’s bullied at school, he goes through all the trouble despite the fact that he is Spider-Man, but he chooses not to, he even had a choice to embrace greed, gluttony and power when the alien specie Symbiote bonded with him, he could have easily became stronger he chose not to because of the repercussions. This are just some of the things that I’ve learned from him, that he is just like us, that we are just like him, simple in a way, that we all have a choice, and it’s up to us as to what choice we make.


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