Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

I’m pretty sure many of you will raise your eyebrows at this one because you might say this and that why is he not at number one and blah blah blah but, I’m telling you right now, that this next hero is a true hero, textbook definition. All of the traits of a superhero is in his disposal. Each and everyone of you knows him, but why in the hell when you see him flying you still ask whether he is a bird or a plane? At number four.

Number Four

“Superman” real name “Clark Kent”, without a doubt the most popular and the most powerful superhero of all time. The most talked about, the most idolized, and definitely one of the most iconic of our era. Born from another planet that was facing it’s doom, sent to earth and soon he was the planets’ savior. A simple and ordinary man at day, doing corporate work, brewing tea and coffee, doing office works, until suddenly a threat appears in the city, “This looks like a job for Superman.” Superhuman strength to pulverize the villains and pummel the to the crust of the earth or throw the to the atmosphere and onto the Sun, he has Superhuman speed  that can is at par with that of “The Flash”, Superhuman stamina that can endure tons and tons of weight and beat down the enemy can throw at him, invulnerability that even bullets can’t hurt him, of course my most coveted and favorite super power “X-Ray Vision”, flight, heat vision to melt them, freeze breath to chill the enemies to the core, he has all the tools to save the earth, only one thing makes him vulnerable though, and it’s no secret to us now that that thing is the “Kryptonite”. One thing I learned from this superhero is that even when you are Superman, you will still have a weakness, no matter how great or powerful you are you will stand low on something and submit to it, applicable in everyday life even in all circumstances, just like you, even if you think you are Superman. you will still bow to something or someone somehow.


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