My 6-year-old self inspired me to play Pokemon

The very first time I held it in my hands, I never really knew that it would mean so much to me, would define my childhood and my class’ generation if I may, Professor Oak, the old devil, he introduced the world of Pokemon to most of us who held the game. Asks you your name, then randomly forgets his own grandsons name and asks you as well, and now in early generations he even asks if your a boy or a girl which stirred a lot of humor among fans. Arguably the best game is Pokemon Yellow which gives you all the starters Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander respectively which strongly resembles the anime, and is reflected onto the next game Pokemon Gold and Silver, where you play as a new character then after a few twists and turns among the plot you’ll find yourself on a mountain that would serve as the games final dungeon, and of course final dungeons has the final boss, but when you reach the summit, you’ll just see a normal kid, waiting silently, a kid who looks just like you, somehow looks awfully familiar, he sends nothing but a cold glance, not a word spoken, then sends out his level 81 Pikachu and completely schools you, you just then realize that you are battling yourself from four years ago. when I knew this I was so much in shock I could not believe that it was happening, a battle with your self, a battle with your past self. The nastiest surprise of my life was when I entered the mountain and fought myself.


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