“Even as a child, I knew one day I would miss being a child.”

The Title is a quote from J.M. Brewster

After purchasing the new Pokemon game, Pokemon Silver, with new mascots in the cover Ho-oh for Pokemon Gold and Lugia for Pokemon Silver respectively, I did not know that the playable character is still the same one I had in my previous game Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, they both looked the same, lived in a fairly similar small and humble town, has a room at the second floor with a game console in it, had a PC, had a mom that would support them in the journey, all the while I really thought that it was the same boy that I am portraying but I somehow got it in my tender mind that it was not, somehow. When I exited the house it was not Pallet Town that I discovered, nor it was not Professor Oak who gave me my starter Pokemon neither did I have had the same rival, somehow I knew that this time it’s different, but I was not afraid of change, but still hesitant in decisions, well specifically when picking a starter for the game, I said to myself, who to choose, Charmander Bulbasaur or Squirtle? But I was in deep shock when I saw the new Pokemon, really different from what I know, still I had to pick and it was a fairly easy decision this time around, I picked Cyndaquil as my starter, unlike in the previous generation where I had to buy all the games to have all the starters, but the fact i like the most about it is that it did not denied the old generations original Pokemon, first time I walked in the grass I encountered an old devil, a level 4 Pidgey. I then knew that somehow this will be the same, and different at the same time, all I had on my way was my starter, blazing and burning all opponents along the way, after collecting all the badges, and returning to the hometown, just surf across the water to the east is the way to Kanto, the first games’ region, I was never been enthralled and excited my entire life, and even as a child, I was so happy to visit my childhood. I saw it with my own eyes, how things have change since three years have past, S.S. Anne still hasn’t returned, Machop still stomping the ground flat at Vermillion City, Safari Zone in renovation, Cerulean Cave closed off, Koga now an Elite Four, Blue now the Viridian City Gym Leader, only two people who are missing, Giovanni, the Leader of the Team Rocket, and of course Red the original protagonist of the game, still wonder what happened to those to when I was still playing the game, I presume that they were in a duel somewhere like they always have, but the fact that bothered me the most was why is there only one Snorlax blocking off the road? Why is there no Articuno in Seafon Islands? Where is Zapdos he’s not in the Power Plant? Why is Moltres not in the Victory Road, Why is the Cerulean Cave entrance closed? Where is the games most powerful Pokemon Mewtwo? I had a bad feeling about it, where are these Pokemon? But then it hit me, along my game play in the previous generation, I have captured every legendary Pokemon, I had a feeling though still not sure that Red has captured or defeated those legendary Pokemon, little did I know we would battle it out face to face at the summit of Mt. Silver.


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