“… …”

Sheer shivers, chills down my spine, the cold stare, no words were spoken, no words were needed, it was all making sense now, just like what I did in the original game, I trained my Pokemon to it’s very best, and then stopped playing it, this is why he must have been here waiting all this time for me, to see if I have gotten better in a form of a new person, well if I could insert a bad joke here I’d say I would never forget what he said to me that fateful day “… …” it’s so hard to comprehend, what was it’s meaning, what did he meant, I don’t know exactly but I’ll try, I think the reason why he did not speak are as follows; because in the original game when I played it in his shoes, he never spoke a word except in Saffron City where he was Mimicked by the Mimic girl for obvious reasons and of course when he was asked what his name was in the beginning of the game, and for all the other instances he only answered yes or no questions, and even let all his opponent talk smack before the beginning of the match, and the second reason in line with that one is because he never said a word the entire game, he only did actions, he just did what he should do, train, train harder, train some more until he became the Champion. And now he stood still up in the mountain, waiting for someone to look up to the challenge, waiting for someone who could give him a challenge, look closely at the picture, that was what is in my mind when I the battle ensued, he knew someone was there, he knew someone was brave and stupid enough to face him, after 3 years.


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