At the Summit of Mt. Silver

And so as I venture longer in the journey, I finally discovered the final dungeon of the game, located in Jotho but is visible in Kanto region, Mt. Silver, and of course as a kid I knew that final dungeons is where the final boss is, I was thinking it would be Mewtwo again just like he was on the original game. I entered the cave, it was dark, pitch-black, i had to use Flash to light up the interior, I searched the whole are for signs of life, a lot of cave dwellers, fucking zubats. But there was a charming little fellow called Larvitar that caught my attention, it was a rare find, I had to capture it to raise it well, and so I caught it, still breathing, still finding traces of legendary Pokemon, still searching for the games final boss, the games final challenge, surfed through the waters, climbed up the flow of the waterfall, then I entered a room, the land I was stepping on was golden sort of ironic how this was called the Mt. Silver and at its summit the soil was gold, shining it seems, I looked down at the edges, it was so deep, not a sign of and end to the darkness of it. I walked on through, along the steep edges of the mount, hoping when I reach it In would find myself a new legendary Pokemon to catch, but beyond my disbelief, all I saw standing at the end of summit, was a kid, a kid a tad bit older than I am, he looks just like me, he seems lost, wandering around this dangerous cave, I talked to him and I would never ever ever ever forget his words “…” those ellipses, he never spoke a word and then the battle sound and visuals ensued, I thought this one is kind of odd, a trainer for the games last boss, then his silhouette slides across the screen, I saw his stance, dressed in a red jacket, and a red cap that blocks his face, I was in shock, I had an idea of who he was, I thought it was a bad joke, I think it’s him, but I had to make sure, it showed in his pocket that he has also six Pokemon, this battle is no joke, then he sent out an awfully familiar Pokemon, I looked at it’s level, it was 81, I then knew in the deepest part of my being that it is him, the man I’ve been looking for all this time, 3 years in the making, all this time, was waiting for me at the top of the mountain, got chills when I knew that I just got challenged by myself from 3 years ago, the same kid I was controlling in the original game is here now as the games final boss, what am I suppose to do? I miss this guy, I wanted to play as him again but this time around he is here to duel, I accept the challenge, and also without words I sent out my strongest Pokemon, a level 70 Typloshion. It is about to begin, Gold vs Red, Myself vs Myself 3 years ago, who will draw first blood? The decisive battle at the summit of Mt. Silver begins.


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