It all boils down to this

Three years he waited, he waited for me, and as a goddamn welcome he challenges me into a Pokemon battle, challenge accepted. I feared for myself for I have seen what has happened over the past three years, all the legendary Pokemon were gone, I had a bad feeling he would use it in this battle, but no, I’m pretty sure he captured it all for they were all gone when I checked them, he is the only one capable of doing that, but he did not use those over-powered Pokemon, I was enthralled though not really much surprised that he had his starter Pokemon Pikachu, at the very highest level any opponent could have in the game at level 81, which was given to him by Professor Oak at level 5, then next he has a Venusaur at level 77 which of course the Bulbasaur he was given at Cerulean City at the day care when the nurse could’nt find a proper trainer to take care of it, then he has a Charizard, which was the Charmander that he was given by the boy who could not raise it properly found at the Nugget Bridge. The Blastiose was the same Squirtle Officer Jenny gave him that was causing mischief in Vermillion City and she wanted a good trainer to take care of it to set tit straight. And of course the infamous blocking Pokemon Snorlax, the only member of his team that he caught himself, he thought that it would be best for him to raise it rather than it to be blocking peoples path, lastly is the Espeon that was fully evolved when it was still the Eevee he got from The man who knows everything at Celedon City, also at the remake he has Lapras, which he obviously got from the guy at Silph Co. who said that he could raise it to it’s full potential, with that all said, I could finally sum up what I have learned from him, from Red, from his journey, and that is to put trust in your Pokemon, also to not forget the people who gave you their trust, do everything you can to it’s full potential, because those Pokemon weren’t caught by him, it was entrusted to him by those people, he promised to raise them well and take care of them, so he did, a man of his word although a man who does not speak, le strong silent type as said by the waiter in S.S. Anne, and that is what I’ve learned through the journey, Entrust and Perseverance. As for the battle at Mt. Silver I could not really recall, all I remembered was when I was their at the top battling it out with the strongest Trainer of them all the last thing I remembered was sitting inside the Pokemon Center.


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