Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Top Three, finally the list coming to a close with the final slots being filled in, last call for the best superheros of all time, and the next one is my personal favorite, and even though having real no superpower he will always be a favorite of mine and always be my idol, my hero, Number Three..

Number Three

“Batman” real name “Bruce Wayne” also known to many as the “Caped Crusader”, and the “Dark Knight”. Traumatized as a child having been seeing his parents murdered by muggers he then took his family’s fortune to make a wide and top notch gadgets and technology to have a one-man duel with crime in Gotham City. Even though he has really no superhuman capabilities or superpowers he is still one of the most idolized and recognized superhero of all time arguably in rank of that of Superman’s. He has peak human physical condition and mental condition and having said that he is a master martial artist and strategist, of course his well-versed and vast array of high-tech equipment, weapons and gadgets, his high level of stealth and escapism that allows him to enter the area, snatch the candy, and then exit without notice or trace. He also enters the scene at the very convenient of times, during the night of course crime is a lot likely to happen at night. Also a matter that I will never forget about my childhood is that I always wanted to become as strong and as respected as Batman, I remember my lunchbox being of his design, a VHS tape re-winder that is styled and modeled after the “Bat mobile”, and of course my very own “Bat suit” that I always wear whenever someone is in need. Batman showed us that even in the darkest of the night there will be a knight that will vanquish evil one way or the other, and I learned through him that you don’t really need superpowers in order to make a difference just determination, motivation and discipline would be enough for one to be a hero.


Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

I’m pretty sure many of you will raise your eyebrows at this one because you might say this and that why is he not at number one and blah blah blah but, I’m telling you right now, that this next hero is a true hero, textbook definition. All of the traits of a superhero is in his disposal. Each and everyone of you knows him, but why in the hell when you see him flying you still ask whether he is a bird or a plane? At number four.

Number Four

“Superman” real name “Clark Kent”, without a doubt the most popular and the most powerful superhero of all time. The most talked about, the most idolized, and definitely one of the most iconic of our era. Born from another planet that was facing it’s doom, sent to earth and soon he was the planets’ savior. A simple and ordinary man at day, doing corporate work, brewing tea and coffee, doing office works, until suddenly a threat appears in the city, “This looks like a job for Superman.” Superhuman strength to pulverize the villains and pummel the to the crust of the earth or throw the to the atmosphere and onto the Sun, he has Superhuman speed  that can is at par with that of “The Flash”, Superhuman stamina that can endure tons and tons of weight and beat down the enemy can throw at him, invulnerability that even bullets can’t hurt him, of course my most coveted and favorite super power “X-Ray Vision”, flight, heat vision to melt them, freeze breath to chill the enemies to the core, he has all the tools to save the earth, only one thing makes him vulnerable though, and it’s no secret to us now that that thing is the “Kryptonite”. One thing I learned from this superhero is that even when you are Superman, you will still have a weakness, no matter how great or powerful you are you will stand low on something and submit to it, applicable in everyday life even in all circumstances, just like you, even if you think you are Superman. you will still bow to something or someone somehow.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Deadpool: How ya’ doin’ feebs? Me: Wade this isn’t the time for breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool: Relax man, this is the time for me right, right? Top Comic Book Provocateur right here. Me: Well I am about to give you an expository for this list I have and congratulations Deadpool you are my top five most favorite Comic Book Hero of all time. Deadpool: What?!! Fifth on the list??!! What the fuck man??! Me: Relax Wade, were both born on February 1991 were pals, were brothers. Deadpool: Hhmmphh fine then, well who’s number one? Me: I can’t spoil it Wade sorry. Deadpool: C’mon be a pal, how about a clue? Me: Uhhh okay, your picture.

Number Five

“Deadpool” real name Wade Wilson, “The Merc with a Mouth” the most funniest son of a bitch that I ever knew my entire life. Has the regenerative healing factor same as “Wolverine” well that’s because it was implanted to him from Logan. An expert swordsman with his katanas and expert marksman with his sub-machine guns, he is immune to telepathy due to his unstable mental condition and his ability the “inability to die”. But the most staple trait of Deadpool is his “comic awareness” he knows that he is a comic book character, talking straight out of the comic to the reader, and not to mention a lot of his wisecracks, here are some of the best lines Deadpool ever said, “Welcome to Loserville. Population: You.” “EVERYBODY! Shield me with your bodies!” “Whatever happens, remember to protect me.” “Magneto! Welcome to die!” “I just beat Mag-Freakin-Neto! Where yo curly mustache at?” “HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT TAKING MY PORN!!!” “I play a pretty mean bagpipe” “I’m not angry at everything about the world, just every show they’ve put on after F.R.I.E.N.D.S” “I saw what you did to those cherry blossoms! Now your really gonna get it. ” “You’re laughing with your eyes! I can see it!” Deadpool will be always a favorite pick of mine, any day.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Been a long time since a rock and roll, here we go again guys on a Sun”Night” listing down the very best of Comic Book “Good Guys” I suppose, well they are covering the page of their respective comic brands after all. Following at number six

Number Six

“Cable” real name Nathan Summers, the son of “Cyclops” Scott Summers leader of the X-Men team, Cable he came from the future to prevent the extinction of mutantkind. As far as I’m concerned this is the very first X-Men or Comic book character at that, that was introduced to me, long before “Wolverine” and “Batman” this guy was my idol, and if my memory serves me right, the very first action figure I got my hands on was a Cable action figure delivered from the United States, thus making him my very first favorite hero, whoa flashback. Whenever I look back into my childhood, go to the corner of my brain, this is what I remember, the big ass guns and telepathic prowess of Cable, a reminiscent of “Trunks” from “Dragon Ball Z” who time travel from the future to undo things from his time. I always admire that act, no matter what stands in the way we must do what we can to make up a better future for the next generation. All the more we must learn from our heroes, we could be heroes for one day, and then the day after that, and then the next day, and so on.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Reliving the 90’s era again, of course it was released early on the 80’s or maybe a tad bit earlier than that but nonetheless I first learned of the X-Men off of the cartoon adaptation from the 1990’s, he one of the most prominent icons that was embedded in the corner of my mind, the one the only…

Number Seven

“Gambit” real name Remy LeBeau, a member of the team of the X-Men and a member of the academy of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, talented in unarmed combat or hand-to-hand combat also with his Bo staff he could be virtually untouchable with his high expertise of the weapon, but the thing that really attracts me to this character is that he has trick card ability, card throwing and making ti explode on contact, actually it is kinetic energy that stores in his hands and can be transfer to any matter he touches, his weapon of choice is playing cards, 52-pick up. The Prince of Thieves is a skilled card thrower and if the piercing effect does not finish the job, boom the explosion of the kinetic energy follows. Energy plus Physical abilities at your expense, what more do you need, charm? well he has that to. Can even charm malignant male demonic creatures pretty useful take that Emma Frost. Gambit has always been a favorite of mine specially on the team of mutants on the X-Men, I always try to be as skillful as he was in every aspect of my life.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

This next hero isn’t particularly that so vivid of my childhood memory, not sure. I don’t think I really saw him until recently from other media, but the moment I saw what he was capable of, I said this dude is badass. Following at number eight.

Number Eight

“Silver Surfer” real name Norrin Radd, the most coveted Herald of The Planet Eater, The Devourer of Worlds Galactus. A space explorer that was granted a portion of the Power Cosmic but in return he must serve under Galactus and roam the universe for planets for him to drain the life source out of. His abilities made him godlike when he first visited earth, all his attributes are almost at a maximum point, strength, speed, intelligence, endurance and stamina. The Power Cosmic granted him the power to control cellular structure of his targets kind of like alchemy, transmutation, converting matters into energy, a vast array of abilities including time travel and superhuman speed, his body structure virtually indestructible much like that of his surf board he uses to travel through space. But with all those powers said what I liked most about him is his humility even when he has godlike abilities which most of us should learn a thing or two.

Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Proceeding with the countdown of the Top ten Comic Book Heroes that I admired, whose powers I wish was granted to me. I really wish for one day I could have the abilities of the heroes and try to save us from the bad guys, need to watch more T.V. Following at number nine.

Number Nine

“Flash” real name Barry Allen, the second incarnation from DC Comics. The comic relief of the Justice League, I always like the suit, reminiscent of that of Mercury or Hermes if I’m not mistaken, which justifies his abilities, Super Human Speed, able to travel in the speed of light, no, not that, it’s able to run faster than the speed of light, just imagine if you had that power, no more time wasted, all chores done in a jiffy, I’m not gonna be stuck in traffic listening to terrible music. He also has the power to think fast in situations, every fiber of his being moving like a Flash, if you had that then do I really need to explain to you what’s the benefits? or did you figure that out yourself? And lastly, he can fucking travel through time, yes Marty, Time travel, he can time travel, the most coveted ability of all time, of course by running faster than the speed of light he can rip through the time fabric, the space time continuum, wormholes call it whatever you want, he just travel back in time, went to the future, went back to the present, holy cuntnuggets those abilities are top-notch and The Flash will forever remain one of my favorite Super Heroes of all time.