Top Ten Comic Book Heroes

Last two, unveiling the most prestige and illustrious comic book superheroes of all time. Finally the list closes down and all truth is revealed on how I come to realize the value of superheroes, a deeper materialization on how they inspired me in a way, that came to be embedded deep within my mind, now down to Number Two..

Number Two

“Wolverine” real name “James Howlett” also known as “Logan” and the famous moniker “Weapon X”. The Best known member of the X-Men. Known as the man of mystery where his own past is a secret to him, As a child he was frail and soft up until the fateful night where their housekeeper shot his father in cold blood and in turn his mutation started to manifest, his claws retracted from his fist and in violent reaction killed the housekeeper, the day after he completely forgot about what happened and this is due top the fact that his regenerative healing factor mutation is manifesting and it is cleaning and easing away the traumatic pain in his brain. After the years he was a subject to a the Weapon X program and his bones were coated with adamantium, and he was known as “Weapon X”. His abilities are his enhanced senses, that of a Wolverine, enhanced sense of smell, hearing. 12 inch retractable adamantium claws from each hand, and his regenerative healing factor. Wolverine was always my favorite X-Men, and superhero for that matter he could have easily made number one on my list but I had to pick, nonetheless his rude attitude and rash nature reflects that of mine, but it’s a secret of his that he has a soft spot for women, he stands as a father figure to young women. And the matter that I like most about his abilities is that he is nearly and virtually indestructible no one can harm him, although his past was painful, and I would like to have that ability nearly invulnerable, couple of wounds won’t pose a threat, and also the ability to heal, heal the past, if even in my mind.


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